Sunday, April 13, 2014

' New ' luxury real estate ' is "eco-friendly"

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia free is constantly updated, "luxury real estate", which is defined as homes with appraised value estimated at more than $ 1 million. But why luxury mansions appeal today, exceeding the appraised value. Homeowners are increasingly recognizing the inevitable effects of the lifestyle of our customers. 2001 blackout in California, the Northeast blackout of 2003, and the storm that killed some Floridians without electricity for weeks, it was a wake up call for homeowners to clearly dependent on our electrical grid is perfect. So let people know that "bigger is better" not necessarily equate with the luxury of today. There is a new generation of high-tech luxury riders, energy efficiency as the "it" thing.

The use of technology to aid recycling rainwater, providing strategy and build a solar heating system to protect your home, you can enjoy the beautiful homes, luxurious and technologically advanced respecting the environment. Many sustainable choices can save you money in the long run by reducing energy drinks, but installation can carry a price tag. For homeowners who want luxury and personalized follow global trends, "green" continue to increase assets in the competitive global market and the U.S..

Custom homeowners are in a perfect position to make a difference in the way their homes are built - to lead by example and take steps to ensure that their homes comfortable and be responsible.

These are some of the improvements in the new environment that the luxury home proud:

- Design the site so that the amount of rainwater runoff from the permeable hard surfaces may be limited.

- Because luxury homes are usually built for a long time, you can choose the owner to take it a step further by creating the most extensive system of water thing. The use of gray water, high-efficiency equipment and systems to collect rainwater and rebates available from your local water suppliers often. System to collect and reuse water for irrigation can be implemented.

- With a bigger budget choices become more accessible. Renewable energy sources such as solar power and geothermal heating and cooling will become famous Mansions and habits.

- In addition to maximizing natural light and ventilation, lighting and air meat clever is an elegant addition. With intelligent lighting controls, energy costs are significantly reduced.

After all, it is impossible to have a luxury when you have more to contend with the demands. This new luxury home offers great comfort and luxury, and kept out of the network and their own way.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to deal with time-wasters for your business

The key to having a successful business of your own is a good system in place and have some control over your work. You can place a strategy to help you, but you really can disrupt their routine.

Therefore, you should make a plan to reduce and then deal with them efficiently. These are some of the distractions that you can expect and some suggestions for overcoming them.

- Family and friends - should be clear from the beginning that you're running a serious business. If you have family commitments is important that you discuss your plans and get full support from everyone, even before you start. According to them when going to work and when you are able to do things with them. If they understand the commitment to reduce their interference.

Her family is very easy to get involved, but with friends is sometimes difficult. A few years ago I worked as a business manager and away from home when I was only stopped by a friend who runs his own business from a small studio in the city. He stopped what he was doing, making coffee, and spent the next hour talking about anything other than business. He was quite successful, but you can achieve a lot more if there is better management of their interventions.

I am not offended if I just quietly explained that he did not have time to stop and chat at noon, and we set up a time to meet after work. But he did not, and so, at that time, I did not know any better.

You do not have to be like my friends. Your friends will understand if you explain to them that it is not convenient to stop without notice. The success of your business depends on it, and sometimes, your friends, too!

- Customer / Client - Depending on the type of business you run. If it is a business like a shop after dealing with customers will be their top priority. Remember though that you should be able to run their business and have to decide whether it would be better to have someone to serve their customers at any given time so you can see other important tasks. If not, you risk having to work long hours.

In this type of business, where you have occasional contact with clients, designing a system to handle the possibility of delays. It is a good idea to agree with them that they should make an appointment to meet. That way you can control not only the scope of the time, but if you wait, you can prepare for the meeting, and therefore are treated much better. To maintain flexibility, the range associated with the time when you can visit without an appointment.

- From important to remember that employee is your job to run your business so that you do not want the constant distractions employees to ask questions and get advice. Of course, you should be open and accessible, but not at the expense interfere with your own work. A "open the door" Full policy will not work, but you can set a specific time when it is available and when you need to make an appointment.

You can minimize the disruption of their employees to make sure to get a good induction training program and to understand what is expected of them. Ensure that employee training is an ongoing activity in your business.

- Phone calls - received a phone call for a different reason and at any time. When you run system where product good business sold by phone answering all but at point you may should hire others to do, or use fulfillment services. Instead, it is good practice to use the services responsible for most of the day so you can avoid the constant delays. Set the time when you receive a call and let your customers, clients, suppliers, etc. when they know.

For the rest of the day to enable the answering service, but set a time to review the message and write it all. After deciding that requires a response that day, and can be given outside the room and put them in two lists. After determining the time to call back and make sure you prepare yourself by gathering all the information you need. Then work through the list. It allows you to handle calls quickly and efficiently. To call tomorrow first thing the next day.

- E-mail - times when you read a lot of emails you receive. Turn off new message alerts and checks only occasionally in the morning, afternoon and before the end of the great moments of work. Identify requires a response that day, people could wait until the morning and not have to respond at all. It is a good idea to create a folder for the "now" and "open" email and forward messages to them. Delete or other files. Then she had a scheduled time to meet with them. One of the first tasks for the next day and then forward the letter to the "open" folder.

- E-mail - you also have to avoid the rush in the box after it is received by mail. Instead of taking their mail at a certain time and put it on his tray. See other time or at another time and order items scheduled to be discussed on that day and those who do not. Enter the same category with the new tray and schedule a time to meet with them. Post face first task tray for the category of the next day, along with the 'open' phone calls and "open" last email.

I am dealing with your busy work day efficiently achieved by scheduling tasks and managing them as a system. Temporal aspect is that efficient key management, the success of your own skills.

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