Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Apartment market report Irving, Texas

Tenants looking for a new apartment home in Irving, TX chose the city with one of the most diverse market apartment available. Offering City of Irving an amazing array of apartment communities to choose from that offer a wide range of equipment for a range of budgets. With a strategic location in the vibrant Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, it is not surprising that Irving has one apartment more stable housing market in the area.

Irving lies in Dallas County and has an estimated population of more than 200,000 healthy. It also has a stable job market in a few large companies, such as ExxonMobil, Commercial Metals, and Kimberly-Clark, has its headquarters located in the city. Valley Ranch, a neighborhood in the city, including Irving, is also the headquarters of the National Football Leagueè ¢'' s Dallas Cowboys. With its central location, a short drive to see other local professional sports franchise, like the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, or the Texas Rangers. Irving is also home to DFW Airport e ¢'' third largest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements and the seventh largest airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic.

Irving is currently home to more than 230 apartment offers the community a little more than 47,800 individual apartment units. On average, each apartment community will offer approximately 218 units, making the average size of the apartment in Irving comparable to other cities in the DFW metro area. The most expensive one-bedroom apartment in Irving Guests can rent as low as $ 136 per month, and offers the most luxurious Irving apartment rental as high as $ 2900 per month. The variation in rental values ​​result in a one-bedroom average rent rate settled at the $ 739 per month. Looking for a two bedroom apartment in Irving Texas? The level of average monthly rents for two-bedroom apartment is $ 956 per month. Also, $ 1,189 is the average rental rate for a three-bedroom in the sprawling city of Irving.

Looking e ¢ ¢'''' All bills Fee Apartments in Irving? Tenants interested in society offering all utility bills paid package to get the convenience of rental rates Local attractions all electrical and utility. Remember, all bills paid usually does not include property services such as cable television or high speed internet, though, these services are available for additional monthly fee paid to the service provider. Tenants seeking all bills paid option in search of the perfect city with Irving. Irving is home to more people of all bills paid apartments than other destinations in the middle of the DFW Metroplex, third only to Dallas and Fort Worth. In fact, there are 44 different apartments offer all bills paid option Irving. Number represents 19% of all apartments in Irving apartment community market. This property helps to provide additional options for the budget conscious Irving tenants.

With so many options available in the Irving area apartment, usually, the major deciding floor plan and the budget is not the only consideration for the tenants. In fact, in many cases, tenants find a facility, or in the apartment so communityè ¢ ¢'' united'' s features are vital elements when looking for their next apartment. Fireplace from floor and parking for security, apartmentè ¢'' s facilities, small details that make an apartment house for each tenant. For example, for tenants who are looking for recreation facilities that offer children's community, there are currently 53 properties that offer equipment to play in the community. Instead, there are three communities that focus exclusively on providing Irving senior living facilities. If the garden tub or a walk in closet, top of the list, no need to fret. There are about 42 Irving apartment community offers a garden tub in their units. Walk in closets seem fairly common among Irving apartment with a huge number of them, 217 belong, to offer this feature in their units. Thate ¢'' s more than 90% of the Irving community offers a walk in closet!

Are you the owner of a pet Irving? To loving owners of pets, find an apartment cat or dog can often be priority number one allows. Irving offers many options including 220 pet rent apartment community accepts cats or dogs. Note that some of these communities only accept certain breed and may also have other severe restrictions. Contact the local rental agencies to determine the characteristics of the best work for your family pet.

One major concern is the public safety of the tenants. City of Irving was recently given a new regulation that allows police to target high-crime apartment and put pressure on landlords to clean up their properties or face closed. It is becoming more and more common for an apartment community to offer gated access and enhanced security patrols. In fact, 25% of Irving apartment community, across 58 properties, which offers gated access for residents of their apartment. If people need more privacy, the property offers 12 garage, detached garage with 28 to offer their units, and 24 offer garages attached to the actual unit rental apartment residents. Tenants can contact the local police department Irving to get specific information on the crime rate apartments or places they may be interested


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