Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Does your bike will reach the Moon?

Excellent. When faced with Inc. magazine pictures Jordan Zimmerman, founder of the eponymously named advertising agency, firmly pushing his bicycle in the dark, early morning, you can not help but think this is a strong, motivated and productive people. In fact, all the features in the "Secrets of Highly Productive" is densely populated with a powerful, versatile, productive people. The idea is to highlight the tips that we mere mortals can embrace to improve the output of our own.

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Four hours of sleep, night Zimmerman distribution, may work for pathological energetic, but what about for the general masses who want to end daylight savings time comes every night? For those of us who are not naturally endowed with a surfeit of personal power, how can we read? If you are not into the rarefied air of productivity Olympians Inc. 's, at least in the foot. For those of us who lead others, how do we strengthen their motivation? That's the real trick, of course: do not get ourselves out of bed but creates energy that gets our employees hit the floor focused, cooperative and company singing.

Roland Smith, CEO of Wendy's / Arby recently told me it's impossible to motivate others, that the journey must come from within. Many, smart successful leaders share the view of Smith and I do not agree, however, I also believe there is a four-part framework to galvanize our own and others sustained action We even want our solid eight hours (plus maybe a nap at lunch time). Zimmerman inc images provide a useful metaphor.

1-Inspiration is a burst of energy - the motive power. We get on the bikes and gave us an initial boost. Although our goal is to put a man on the moon by the end of this decade, or become number one in our industry, has several purposes, some of our brave B away from A, exhilarates our own and others.

2-Source is a chain, sprockets and gears to translate the movement inspired energy. Without it you are just a dream and have a vision or a bicycle foot pump frenetically while swaying in place. Unless we empower our team with the necessary resources - personnel, finance, skills, tools, and strength - a fiery speech we produce only the inspiration everywhere.

3 Clear Path is a path that allows us to travel quickly and efficiently to our destination. Without a clear path, a bike we will sail together, but we will progress towards B and get there in the near future is up for grabs. The shorter, flatter, and more clearly the way we make it, with a detailed roadmap and process, the more likely it is our hard work and the activities we get to the destination.

Three factors make the bike speeding in the right direction. These are the three elements that many of us try to meet the needs of ourselves and our company to advance us toward our goals. Together they look like motivation, but it is not. Since the forward movement stopped as soon as we hit obstacles - hills, if you - that it takes more energy to get more than we get from the inspiration that set us in motion. When a project, initiative, team, drives, and the company failed to hit their obstacles. Therefore, other elements are required:

Transformation is the transformation of want to get from A to B, be the person or company that gets from A to B. It brings the energy of inspiration from outside to inside in a way that maintains. There are aspects of self-transformation: the realization that it is our own best interests to achieve the goal. This is why many leaders focus on creating self-interest (incentive) and explain why it is in the best interest of the employees to get to B. I think, however, completely burned by the transformation dynamo packaged in self-definition. Zimmerman was waking up at 3:30 am to begin his journey 20 miles because of who he is. Of course, he told reporters there is no time to sleep when he died. At this point, though, individualism has become an ex post facto justification for others. Inside, he is a man who when sane people who communicate with their pillows because only he who has defined himself as.

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